101 Great Outdoor Getaways

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Planet Earth is having a hard time coping with population explosion, industrialization and global pollution. However, the natural world remains a truly magical place. From pristine islands set in azure seas to snow-capped mountains, dense rain forests to wide African plains, the sheer splendour of nature retains the power to surprise and delight us. This book includes some of the very best places that underline that message -places so special they lift our souls. Simply enjoy reading about some of the world s most stunning locations. Better still, start planning great outdoor getaways that will let you see and appreciate some of these breathtaking wonders for yourself.Adventurous travellers can help preserve the very things they search for, for ecotourism is a powerful force in protecting endangered habitats and wildlife. By generating revenue for countries and local communities, visitors can encourage sustainable development that helps to protect the planet s precious - and shrinking - natural jewels. By reading about and visiting these inspiring places you can contribute to their continued preservation, so future generations can experience nature s majesty.

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