The second gripping instalment of The Mercian Trilogy by paranormal sensation K J Wignall. 'Run!' Will said to Eloise. She hesitated and he pushed behind her, grabbing the bird out of the air. But the sound of beating wings didn't stop. Eloise let out a cry and when he turned she'd been scratched on the head and was hitting another crow away. The vampire William of Mercia continues to search for answers about his long, undead life, together with Eloise, the girl with whom his fate is entwined. But the darkness doesn't yield its secrets easily. As they edge closer to the truth, it becomes clear that something evil knows their every move, and this time it's targeting the person Will needs most of all. Lost in a frozen landscape, powerful adversaries are locked in a battle that not everyone can survive, as destiny collides with a sorcerer's dark arts ...this is Alchemy. The most compelling vampire books for young adults since the Twilight Saga.

ISBN 9781405258616
類目 Fiction, Teenage / Young Adult
作者 K. J. Wignall
出版商 Electric Monkey
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