Chaos Descends (Darkmouth, Book 3)

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The third book in the monstrously funny and action-packed Darkmouth series. It's going to be legendary. The adventures of the most unfortunate Legend Hunter ever to don fighting armour and pick up a desiccator continue... Finn's been through so much, he'll now be allowed do what he wants with the rest of his life, right? Wrong. Whether he likes it or not, he's going to be made a proper Legend Hunter. But then suddenly people start disappearing, Legends are appearing where they shouldn't, Broonie's complaining, and an attack so big is coming that Finn has the weight of the world on his shoulders. The weight of two worlds, actually...

ISBN 9780007545636
類目 Fiction, New Arrivals, Teenage / Young Adult
作者 Shane Hegarty
出版商 HarperCollins Publishers
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