In The Wolf's Mouth

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Set in the final months of World War II, In the Wolf's Mouth follows the Allies' liberation of Sicily and North Africa as the region moves from total war to uneasy peace. Will, a callow British officer, plays at being a statesman, only to be forced to collaborate with criminals; Ray, an American infantryman, reeling from his experience in battle, struggles to hold on to his sanity; Angilu, a shepherd, becomes the estate manager for a Sicilian prince and finds himself in a bloody feud with Ciro Albanese, a local mafioso recently returned from America to settle old scores. the destinies of these four men converge in shocking, moving ways.

ISBN 9780374536114
類目 Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, New Arrivals
作者 Foulds, Adam
出版商 Farrar Straus Giroux
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