Little Book Of Momfulness

You've run out of diapers, you also haven't eaten in well over twelve hours and your house is beginning to look like it has been burglarized. If you're at the end of your tether and wondering if it's just you (it isn't), then you need The Little Book of Momfulness.

In The Little Book of Momfulness, a non-expert mom takes you through the non-perfect guide to getting through motherhood without losing your mind from exhaustion. It includes advice on how to take time throughout the day to restore your equilibrium (like having a long, loud scream in a closet), how to shortcut child-related tasks (by avoiding them altogether) and how to let off steam through momful exercises. It also includes the news that IT'S NOT JUST YOU who is struggling with the demands of being the 'perfect' mother, and if you need a long swig of prosecco (or any wine from the fridge, or the cupboard for that matter) at the end of a day of parenting, then that is more than a-ok.

ISBN 9781846015588
類目 Mother's Day, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development, Ramadan, Self-Help
作者 Sarah Ford
出版商 Octopus Publishing
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