Marriage Recital

Extremely impressive . . . . A wonderful read from a born storyteller. -Chris Cleave, New York Times bestselling author of Little Bee The setting: London, 1794. The problem: Four nouveau riche fathers with five marriageable daughters. The plan: Give the young women piano lessons. Present them at a concert performance for young Englishmen with titles but no fortunes. Marry off the daughters-very well, indeed. The complications: The lascivious (and French) piano teacher; the piano maker's jealous (and musically gifted) daughter; marriageable daughters with mating plans of their own. While it might be a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a title and no money must be in want of a fortune, what does a sexually awakened young woman want? In her wickedly alluring romp through late-Georgian London, Italian piano-making, and tightly fitted polonaise gowns, Katharine Grant has written a startling and provocative debut.

ISBN 9781250071712
類目 Fiction, Historical Fiction, New Arrivals, Romance
作者 Katharine Grant
出版商 Picador Usa
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