School Of Meanies

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Frightfully Friendly Ghosties, described as "exciting, charming and ridiculous," by The Guardian, is a hilarious book for young readers about the adventures of a funny, charming, and terribly polite group of ghosts who just want to get along with their housemates. The cast of classic characters, brilliant one-liners, and clever plotting will delight children and parents alike. King's "spicy wit" ensures School of Meanies is "full of wibbly wobbly sketchers that will make younger children crow with pleasure," according to the Literary Review. "Ghost School is stupid and rubbish, and, um, I'm not going to Ghost School ever again!" Bumping--the ghosties' only way to interact with the physical world--is Humphrey Bump's favorite thing. But the nasty headmaster at ghost school doesn't agree. He expels Humphrey for--you've got it!--bumping. So the other ghosties--Agatha, Tabitha and Wither--find Humphrey a place at still-alive school. They are also on hand to help him make friends. Wither invisibly writes a spooky poem on the board, Agatha sends children whirling into the clouds, and they all whisp out of Humphrey's satchel during lessons. The still-alive children are so mean they only run away. But they are nothing compared to the still-alive headmaster who is the biggest bully ever. Can Humphrey gather all the ghosties together to fight the bully, save the school and make lots of new friends?

ISBN 9781623653491
類目 兒童讀物, Reading Books
作者 Daren King
出版商 Quercus
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