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Those rascally rodents, the Vole Brothers, are on their next adventure or misadventure in Splat! In signature cinematic style, one half of the loveable bickering duo finds himself at the mercy of a flying pigeon as it flap, flap, flaps by and then drops in, literally with a splat! Readers will want to keep their heads covered as more and more splats start flying far and wide in this mischievous, universally funny story about keeping your eye on the sky . . . and on your up-to-no-good sibling. Nearly wordless and told entirely through sight-gags and sound effects, this easy-to-read adventure leaves children and parents with cheeks and stomachs sore from guffaws and chuckles at every single reading.

ISBN 9781771470094
類目 兒童讀物, Highlight, Picture Books
作者 Roslyn Schwarz
出版商 Owlkids
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