Stuck In The Middle (Of Middle School) : A Novel In Doodles

In Stuck in the Middle (of Middle School) by Karen Romano Young, Doreen and her family had to move because of her once she got kicked out of school. She's vowed to make her new middle school work for her, but it's still a challenge, given her ADHD, her younger sister's growing popularity, and tensions between her parents, as they all adjust to a new city and new jobs. Add to that a lot of homework, a talent show, and her first [gulp!] school dance, and you'll agree that Doreen needs to work extra hard to stay focused. Good thing she has her doodle-journal!

ISBN 9780312555962
類目 兒童讀物, Reading Books
作者 Doodlebug
出版商 Feiwel and Friends
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