Sure Signs Of Crazy

Love can be a trouble word for some people. Crazy is also a trouble word. *This Book May Have Remainder Mark* I should know. You've never met anyone exactly like twelve-year-old Sarah Nelson. While most of her friends obsess over Harry Potter, she spends her time writing letters to Atticus Finch. She collects trouble words in her diary. Her best friend is a plant. And she's never known her mother, who left when Sarah was two. Since then, Sarah and her dad have moved from one small Texas town to another, and not one has felt like home. Everything changes when Sarah launches an investigation into her family's Big Secret. She makes unexpected new friends and has her first real crush, and instead of a "typical boring Sarah Nelson summer," this one might just turn out to be extraordinary. show more

ISBN 9780316210492
類目 Fiction, Teenage / Young Adult
作者 Karen Harrington
出版商 Little Brown And Company
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