The Bone Ritual

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Taut and suspenseful, The Bone Ritual is the first in a crime series set in contemporary Jakarta

Inspektur Ruud Pujasumarta has seen some gang-perpetrated horror crimes in his time, but the slum murder of a middle-aged woman he is called to is both horrifying and baffling. Mari Agnes Liem has not only been choked to death while tied to her bed, but the murderer has amputated her left hand and left a mah jong tile in her throat. And he has taken the hand with him.

The only bright spot on Ruud's horizon is the imminent arrival of Imke Sneijder from Amsterdam, whom he hasn't seen for fifteen years, when they were both twelve-year-old neighbours before her family moved back to Holland.

As Ruud and his department investigate Mari's murder, it isn't long before they have more than one corpse on their hands . . . and a serial killer to catch. And Ruud begins to realise that the current murderous spree may be linked to events which occured fifteen years ago, at about the time Imke left Indonesia . . .

ISBN 9781472123107
類目 Crime, Fiction, Mystery and Thriller
作者 Julian Lees
出版商 Constable
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