The Boxer's Heart: A Woman Fighting

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The Boxer's Heart is a brilliantly candid memoir and the first-ever guide to the world of women's boxing. It tells the story of how an average athlete converted her visceral dislike of violence into a short but eventful career as a professional boxer makes irresistible reading for both fans and foes of what used to be "The Manly Art". The Boxer's Heart unfolds with the pace and depth of a great novel, crammed with larger-than-life characters and piercing observations about matters that concern us all: the nature of masculinity and femininity; love and conflict in the ring and in relationships; trust, fear, pain, and the uses of aggression. Along the way, the author casts new light on the confused state of gender roles today, deals a death blow to issues of weight that have plagued women for decades, recounts the secret history of women in the ring, and delivers a primer on how to box - all in a fresh, conspiratorial, and highly entertaining voice. Any woman who has grappled with anger and trust, been nagged by insecurity at the gym, or wondered what it feels like to throw a punch will identify with this witty and honest author's experience. Any man who has imagined stepping into the ring, or been baffled by the mysteries of the female, will want to add this one-of-a-kind to his shelf of sports books. It is a remarkable literary debut, with a very big heart.

ISBN 9780715643693
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作者 Kate Sekules
出版商 Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd
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