Uncle John's Bathroom Puzzler Hangman-A-Grams

Looking for a new challenge? Get smart and have fun with this new brain-building collection of anagram puzzles from the wildly popular Bathroom Puzzler series.

HANGMAN-a-GRAMS is an innovative solitaire version of the ever-popular Hangman game. The reader gets a themed list of words with blanks where the consonants should be, and a list of the missing consonants. The reader then has to use logic and language skills to figure out the words. It's amazingly simple...and devilishly challenging. With word games becoming a hot commodity on smartphones and tablets, HANGMAN-a-GRAMS are a fantastic, fun way to build vocabulary. Each of these 150 HANGMAN-a-GRAM puzzles features multiple scoring options for the more competitive puzzler.

ISBN 9781607105008
類目 Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, Puzzles and Games
作者 Bathroom Readers' Institute
出版商 Portable Press
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